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Simply stated: Tibet andesine has been termed “a very elaborate hoax” that started at the very highest levels of the gemstone industry and filtered down in a very costly marketing fiasco that landed squarely in the lap of consumers. The Chinese gemstone industry is quickly becoming infamous for producing a myriad of undisclosed gemstone treatments that are flooding the market. This, coupled with a willingness by the industry “authorities” to participate with them, has served to create the biggest gemstone scam in the history of the colored gemstone industry. Inside this website you will find the true story of this gemstone that never was.....Tibet Andesine. The importance of this story is not just the hoax surrounding Tibet andesine, the importance is that this kind of thing can and does occur in the colored gemstone industry with the tacit approval of the colored gemstone industry leaders.

The purpose of this website is to provide you with the truth of this situation as demonstrated by the gemstones themselves. Because while the various players have done a masterful job of putting a PR spin on this issue that has fooled the industry for years, the gemstones don’t lie. The truth of this story lies in the gemstones.

Contained in these pages is the truth of this issue....told by the gemstones themselves. We welcome you to take some time and decide for yourselves.

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Tibet Andesine...the true story

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